Locally Grown

We’re committed to providing locally grown products!

Local Products that we promote:

  • As Market owners, we of course are avid gardeners, growing food that is “sustainably cultivated,” composting the soil and using non-chemical ways of controlling pests and other garden problems. We believe that quality food comes from quality soil.
  • Some of our locally grown produce comes from our Amish brethren, who previously were certified organic growers in Wisconsin. We always know our growers and suppliers, to ensure that they embrace the same principles of sustainability.
  • Our local ground beef comes from a farmer who raises Shorthorn cattle, a breed that is genetically disposed to being grass-fed, producing a nutritionally dense and delicious beef.
  • Our local eggs and chickens are grass-fed and soy-free.
  • Our honey and maple syrup also come from trusted local vendors.
  • Expect to see more local products as they become available.